Three restaurants to visit in Downtown Mexico City

Restaurants you must visit when coming to Downtown Mexico City.

Three restaurants to visit in Downtown Mexico City

I really want a coffee. I cannot think clearly because I only think about my coffee being brewed and taking much longer than I would like. Having stated that, let's dive into my other thoughts.

Here are some restaurants in Downtown Mexico City that deserve to be visited.

This is an old and tiny local inside a market that offers you any type of meat you want to try, and I mean it. You can find lion meat, crocodile meat, and kangaroo meat. Someone told me they even offered human, and honestly, it makes a good rumor. Anyhow, this local is well known for the cold meats, baguettes, tapas, cheeses, and, my favorite, the salsas. There are 4-7 salsas open for you to try; they have chapulin, mango, tamarind, etc. The salsa change with the seasons. The newcomer is the zapote, a fruit that takes its name from the náhuatl tzapotl, which means sweet fruit. There are several varieties of this fruit, one of the curious, the black one, which tastes similar to chocolate.

Yesterday I ate a classic baguette with tamarind and chipotle salsa. I really recommend it. These baguettes are sold whole or by quarter; I ordered the quarter, which is like a footlong, Subway vibes right here. There was also habanero and mango salsa, but I didn't dare to try it. Some salsas are too much for me.

This place was recently opened in Mexico City; it is originally from Oaxaca City. The menu is traditional, tasty, and cheap. I will recommend the black mole, which is not very spicy but more rich and deep in chocolate flavor. I love tlayudas, aka Mexican pizzas. Sometimes they have café de olla; I am still thinking about my coffee... They also have pan de nata, not my choice, but my mom's, and you should always trust her; she is an authentic Mexican woman who cooks, loves, and experiences life in a colorful, unique way.

Snob place. A little bit more expensive, but it is worth it. It has been a while since I have been there; pandemic's fault. I remember the enchiladas, they were good, and the place was lovely. I recommend this place for a breakfast date if you want to look good in the eyes of your beloved. Nothing yells "I am into you" more than, "here is some delicious food for you." Please go to the second floor, it is more peaceful.

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