Time and it's entanglements

Time is not lineal, nor felt equally in different activities and people.

I went today to the Christmas Event of my niece, an energetic 5-year-old kiddo who is my constant reminder of the challenge of raising a life. She is well-behaved, intelligent, curious, and adventurous, but not all women are born to be mothers, and I am not made for it (I wouldn't love to be stuck with a tiny human).

She sang Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, which gave a perfect reflection motif. Do we really enjoy a stalker always watching us and deciding whether we should receive gifts or punishment? I don't. But I was raised to believe in this old man, as many others. I was also introduced to believing in god, blood ties, honor, and rigor. I didn't enjoy being so hard on myself. Time has allowed me to reflect and select which values I want and which are crappy ways of making me feel anxious. I believe in loyalty, not to the family just because, but to the bond created by working on the relationships and making them stronger. I agree on the idea of being an honorable human; I do not honor a country, an ideology, or a religion, but the pursuit of knowledge and curiosity. I aim to remember that what I know is just a portion of what is known.

Time changed, and I changed. My niece has her time, and  I am hopeful she will seek her interests, not those nearby humans will offer her. To love her is to be open to discovering her time through her mind and soul. I will not put my interest in her; I might try to inspire her to like some of the things I am passionate about, but... I am optimistic, thinking there will be so many entanglements that there will be a need for time and place.

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